During my studies at Shippensburg University I signed up for a photography elective. The final project was choosing a subject that told a story from beginning to end. I chose my grandmother & niece to recreate 'a day at grandmas' with all the nostalgic things I used to do when I went there as a kid. 

That's the first time I used photos to tell a story. And That's when I fell in love with creating photos that evoke emotion. 

Imagine being able to show your grandchildren photos of you when you were young, relive the best days of your life. Letting them meet a version of you through photos is something we only get one shot at. And I realized I want more of that for myself, but also love to learn your story and put it into the universal language of photos. 

Hey there, I’m Em! 

This is my story

a few of my favorite things

*insert Law & Order sound effect*

You just did the 'thunk thunk' in your head, didn't you? Same.

iced lattes

My camera shy orange baby, Mars <3

Binge watching New Girl


you are worth celebrating.
you are worth remembering.
No matter what season you're in. 
let's wrap this moment in a photo as the best gift to your future self.

I value every inquiry I receive and want to ensure we are the best fit for each other. 
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“She made it so easy & relaxed with 4 kids. She made it fun and made all of us comfortable in front of the camera.  ”

Emily did a family/newborn session in our home. She made it so easy & relaxed with 4 kids. She made it fun and made all of us comfortable in front of the camera. She had previews to us within a few days and our whole gallery was available in a week! I love them and I am so glad we had this opportunity to use her for these lifetime memories. 

- Carrie & Family

"Working with her has been a dream. The engagement shoot was so much fun, and absolutely stress-free."

I fell in love with Em Katrina's photography style scrolling facebook. She has the ability to capture someones story, and emotion in pictures easily. Booking her for our wedding was a no brainer. Working with her has been a dream. The engagement shoot was so much fun, and absolutely stress free. Her production of our pictures was outrageously fast and I've never had an entire delivery of pictures I loved quite like this. There is not a bad picture in the whole album. I can't recommend enough.

- Abby & Jeremy

“Em is amazing to work with. She was not only easy to book, but communicates with you through out the whole process. ”

Em is amazing to work with. From suggesting locations, wardrobe styles that would work best, to providing direction during your session, I know sometimes it can a little awkward standing in front of the camera, and time frame of when you'll receive your images. She captures beautiful moments with direction and a little bit of candidness that gives each image a unique flare. I look forward to booking her again!

- Evelin

“Em is super creative and artistic with her shots, but is also amazing at staging the more typical poses. ”

Em is just incredible to work with! She makes you feel not only comfortable in front of the camera, but she also makes you feel confident! She will be your hype girl during the entire session and make sure that you’re having a great time. Em is super creative and artistic with her shots, but is also amazing at staging the more typical poses. We had such a fun time with her that even my fiancé said he was super excited to see the results, which we LOVED! We so look forward to working with Em again and highly recommend her to anyone looking for an excellent photographer who will make you feel beautiful (even on the hottest, super humid days lol)

- Fallon & Seth

“Everything about the photoshoot was so
easy with Em.  ”

She was so personable, even in directing us for the poses that the entire process felt easy and comfortable. Even with the puppy, she was so at ease with capturing the puppy energy, rather than forcing the puppy to behave any particular way.

Then the photos we received were GORGEOUS. I'm so excited for when we get the photos printed and framed for our house. They'll be perfect! I love how much her photos express just how exuberant our puppy is as well as the love my fiance and I have for each other and our little family.

- The Westermann-Weller Family

“Wow. I cannot begin to say enough about Emily!”

Her demeanor and bubbly personality made us feel so comfortable during our photo shoot. She made us feel at home and oh-my-WORD her skills 😍 The way she edits the shots just blows my mind! She is a flipping genius and I seriously cannot recommend her enough!

- Maggie & Family

While I’m not a mother myself, I am a member of many of my friend’s tribes with young babes. This means I give cool Aunt vibes to the kids while also being supportive and listening to the feelings & experiences of many new parents. I fully appreciate and understand your hard work, long nights, and unconditional love for your babies. I know that it feels like these moments go by in the blink of an eye. I know you want more photos with your kids. I know you have sentimental moments with them but you’re afraid they won’t behave for photos. And I’m here to tell you that all of this is okay and totally normal. I get life. I get parenthood. 

And most importantly I get that kids will be kids and we’re just going with their flow most of the time. I am patient with my sessions, understand we are all human and am okay with taking breaks when needed. This is why I offer up to an hour and a half with all my sessions. This allows time for any snack breaks, diaper changes, or time to get the jitters out. This is your time with your loved ones. I’m here to document it authentically in a tastefully artistic way that leaves you with a lump in your throat & butterflies in your stomach. 

Let's do this!

Want boring & overly posed photos? Didn't think so.