The very first question all my families & couples ask is: 'what the heck do we wear?'

Well mama, I got ya covered. We will hop on a quick call where you give me an idea or inspiration of what you want your photos to feel and look like. From there I will search the internet for the perfect pieces and inspiration to find something similar in your wardrobe. But to get you started in the right direction, I've put together a list of 'Do's and Don'ts' of outfits of picking the clothes that photograph best. A long with a few visual examples to get ya started.


❁ Coordinate your outfits with each other & your home interior 

❁ Wear earthy tones, natural fabrics, and clothing with lots of movement.

❁ Wear comfortable shoes based on location but be sure they fit in with the outfits. 

❁ Dress like yourself: Wear something you feel awesome and beautiful in. Ensure it's an outfit you’ve worn before and you know it's comfortable.


❁ Match outfits unless done intentionally (Christmas pajamas, themed photos) 

❁ Wear big patterns, logos, or bright colors.

❁ Wait till the day of the photos to try on your outfit

❁ Wear shoes with reflectors or dirty shoes

How to use the color wheel

For photos that really 'POP' with vibrance

Complementary Colors

Complementary colors sit across from one another on 

For more muted, calm and earthy photos

Analogous Colors

Analogous colors are next to each other on the color wheel, and can be quite soothing to the eye.
Shades of brown, tan, rust for example.

the color wheel (i.e. blue and orange, red and 

green, yellow and purple). 

Here's the checklist: 

Pick your subtle pattern statement piece or color palette that coordinates with your home decor

Use the colors in pattern to pick a coordinating outfit for someone else

Find one of your colors on the color wheel and use it to pick coordinating colors.

Select as many ouftits as you need using this principle

Add layers like sweaters for texture (and functionally as warmth when outdoors) 

Add your favorite accessories that go best with your outfit- fun earrings, hats, scarfs, etc.

Select the right shoes based on the location, and consider what you’d normally wear if I wasn’t following you around with a camera. Being barefoot makes sense on the beach, and boots are beautiful in the mountains

And now you & the family are looking photo ready -- wasn't that 


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